1. Education: John Gregory, Chair

      Everett Gale                   Matt Schiappa

      Jodi Anne Hudson         Ed Sponzilli

      Chad Moore                   Charles Stoia

      James O’Hara                 Corinne Trainor    

      Stephanie Reckord        Sheila Wiggins  


The Education Committee is responsible for scheduling and staffing the Back to Basics Seminar in August, the Spring Seminar, the State Bar Meeting Seminar in the spring and recommending whether an additional TANJ Seminar should be scheduled, either as a sponsor or co-sponsor. The selection of TANJ speakers at any seminar is not limited to the members of the committee.


2. Membership: Chad Moore, Chair

      Emily Kaller                     James O’Hara

      John Kearney                  Patricia Voorhis

      Joe Leone                        Mike Zerres

      Michelle O’Brien            Mike Zogby

The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing the membership of TANJ through a membership drive that should be conducted on an annual basis in accordance with the constitution, with a goal of signing up 50 new members this year. The date, time and method is left to the discretion of the committee.


3. Amicus: Emily Kaller & Stephanie Reckord, Co-Chairs

      Melissa Baxter                  Chris Placitella

      Drew Britcher                    Sam Portnoy

      Daniel Epstein                   Wendy Reek

      Nancy Crosta Landale      Ryan Richman

      Todd Leonard                    Martin Schrama

               Annabelle Steinhacker

      Advisory Board
     Hon. Dennis F. Carey, III    Hon. C. Judson Hamlin

      Hon. Frank Ciuffani            Hon. John E. Keefe, Sr.

      Hon. James Clyne               Hon. Jack Lintner

                Hon. Nicholas Stroumtsos, Jr.


The Amicus Committee will pro-actively look for amicus issues that are consistent with the TANJ mission. The committee is being asked to finalize a working procedure in order to effectuate our ability to review, vote and take action in a timely fashion.


4. Constitution/ByLaws: Ed Matthews, Chair

      Joseph Cobuzio

      Dick Jones

      Stephen Matthews

      Wendy Reek

Ed Matthews is our resident expert regarding the constitution, by-laws and working procedures of the organization ensuring TANJ operates according to the process set forth. 


5. Website/Publicity: Sheila Wiggins, Chair

      Melissa Baxter            Eugenie Voitkevich

      Joseph Cobuzio           Lawrence Weiner

      Ryan Richman             Mike Zerres


This committee maintains and updates the website as well as sending out information to the membership. This includes advertising all of our TANJ events, posting notices to our membership on the website, maintaining the calendar of events, maintaining the trustee/officer list and current e-mails and updating Trial Bar Award recipients and photos. This committee is also charged with implementing the use of social media.


6. Programs (Trial Bar Awards, Professionalism Award):   Matthew Tharney, Chair

    All Officers

This committee formulates a working list in order to make recommendations to the Board for Trial Bar Award recipients and the State Bar Professionalism Award.


7. Public Position/Legislative:  Ben DiLorenzo, Chair

      Risa Chalfin                    Chris Placitella

      Drew Britcher                 Sam Portnoy

      Everett Gale                    Ryan Richman

      Todd Leonard                 Martin Schrama

      Chad Moore                    Corrine M. Trainor        

                            Mike Zogby       

This committee is an ad hoc committee for the purpose of taking public positions on issues that affect trial lawyers while at the same time promoting TANJ.   The committee periodically reviews Supreme Court Rule changes and Jury Charge changes.  The committee is expected to review matters of importance to the bench and bar and make a recommendation to the Board at each meeting to take a public position on the issue, and publish TANJ's position in the Law Journal and on our website. The public position can be written by a committee member or any other member of the organization that has interest.


8. Social:   James O’Hara, Chair

      Drew Britcher                  

      Risa Chalfin                     Greg Noble

      Jodi Anne Hudson          Sam Portnoy

      Todd Leonard                  Ryan Richman

      Joe Leone                         Patricia Voorhis

                       Eugenie Voitkevich


This committee will plan social outings for the entire membership and/or Board. (ie. Golf Outing and Young Lawyer event.)