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Our Mission

We promote the litigation interests of the public, the bench, and the bar.


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Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas, LLP Announces Chad M. Moore as New Managing Partner:

Our immediate past-president, Chad Moore, was just named managing partner at Hoagland Longo!  What a terrific choice.  Congratulations, Chad!

Formal Announcement: here

TANJ mourns the passing of Leonard Meyerson, past President (1983-1984)

Obituary: here

TANJ mourns the passing of Philip G. Auerbach, past President (1970) and one of the founders of this organization

Obituary: here

TANJ congratulates Justice Michael Noriega on his appointment to NJ Supreme Court

The Trial Attorneys of New Jersey proudly would like to congratulate Justice Michael Noriega on his appointment to the New Jersey Supreme Court. His distinguished legal career and extensive practice experience make him a great choice for this esteemed position. The reputation and impact of our court system are pivotal to accomplishing our mission.  We firmly believe that Justice Noriega's appointment will enhance the integrity and effectiveness of our state's highest court.  We wholeheartedly support his appointment.


Chad Moore, Esq.

President of the Trial Attorneys of New Jersey

TANJ mourns the passing of Thomas M. Mulcahy, past President (1996).

Obituary: here

Statement on Judicial Vacancies in New Jersey

The Trial Attorneys of New Jersey strongly support the timely appointment of qualified individuals and the filling of all vacant Supreme and Superior Court Judge positions in our state. An efficient and fully staffed judiciary is essential to ensuring that our justice system runs efficiently and effectively. With a backlog of cases and a shortage of judges, the system is stretched to its limits and delays are becoming increasingly common. This is not only detrimental to the parties involved, but it undermines the integrity of the system and erodes public trust.  We urge our elected officials to prioritize the filling of these vacancies to ensure that our justice system is functioning at its best.

TANJ Notice to the Bar and Public re. Changes to Jury Selection:

Please read the document: here

Bressler, Amery & Ross Managing Principal Diana Manning Sworn in as Secretary of New Jersey State Bar Association:

Please read the Bressler Amery & Ross release: here

Emily A. Kaller Appointed Chair of New Jersey State Bar Association LGBTQ Rights Section:

Please read the Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP release: here

New Jersey Revamping Jury Selection With
Attorney-Conducted Voir Dire:

Please read the article: here

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